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The color temperature in the continuous range of 2700K to 6500K, providing a lot of design and application scope, providing a stage for lighting occasions, meeting the needs of lighting applications under consideration, and enhancing the visual enjoyment of product colors. Optional solutions (Ra> 80 , Ra> 90, Ra> 97).
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MERCANVEE focuses on the spirit of technological innovation, infusing the energy-saving, colors, optics, aesthetics, construction, history, humanity, management, environment, physics, psychology, psysiology, life into light science. According to these elements, MERCANVEE can provide more professional and responsible lighting products and optical solutions for client's planning programming and architechtural design, interior design.
Louvre Home Art Center in Guangzhou

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In project planning and implementation, we not only consider commercial operations, but also take into account the thematic elements of the "art center"; therefore, "darkness", "safety", "flexibility" and "simplicity" are the main theme of the lighting requirements for the entire public space.
MERCANVEE unveiled in Guangzhou Design Week

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Thanks to you,
We can bloom!
Thanks to you,
We are motivated!
Thanks to you,
Let's keep working hard!
2020, look forward to seeing you again!
Welcome to MERCANVEE 2019 Guangzhou Design Week!

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December 5th-8th, 2019 Guangzhou Design Week,
come here,
Meet new designs,
Embrace the new life!


The 3rd day of 2018 Guangzhou Design Week

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This year,


From Frankfurt, Germany,

To Hong Kong Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Center,

And here to the Guangzhou Design Week.


We are continually working on it…


The 2nd day of 2018 Guangzhou Design Week

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Booth popularity continues to boom!


Don't miss the excited 2018 Guangzhou Design Week!

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Welcome to 2018 Guangzhou Design Week!


MERVCANVEE would shares with you the most popular lighting trends, global synchronized drive technology, DALI dimming control technology, optical technology, chip technology and lighting designers to share "the logic of lighting design"...


"Optics, Technology, Charming"

We put the brand connotation into the blood,

Light is everything to us.

From product selection, technical support, solution docking, application services...

MERCANVEE will make every effort to promote more professional and refined services。 

We are committed to realizing the most professional lighting brand!

Explore the most professional lighting experience center in Asia

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Since the opening of the MERCANVEE lighting experience center and teaching base, many professionals, owners, designers have come to visit here. What kind of lighting technology can claim to be the most professional in Asia? And what can attract so many people focus on this place? Let's briefly introduce this lighting experience center. Of course, it is impossible to elaborate too much in the article, otherwise the fun and necessity of on-site experience will be lost.
Explore the technology of museum lighting 

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The MERCANVEE museum lights Quintessence series will be launched soon, which can meet the multi-function adjustment (single lamp manual, DALI, WLAN) dimming, CCT, 15-60° zoom, and RGBW color change. In addition, the Mini series are more compact and convenient to achieve flexible matching in more narrow and low spaces, and meet more possibilities of museum lighting solutions.
The most professional lighting experience center in Asia will be unveiled

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Since the 14th year of Guangxu in 1888,
The first incandescent lamp appeared in the palace,
By 1903~04, 
light companies were established in Tianjin and Beijing.
China's electric bulb industry has developed for more than 100 years ......
In 1954 luminaires of Sino-Soviet Mansion in Shanghai showed up 
China's luminaires take a historical step
In the following years
the improvement of lighting technology and application
makes every city enjoy glamorous nights!
MERCANVEE participates in C-star again

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The second edition of C-star--Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 18th,2016, which made a hit of retail design. 
As a light service provider for retail shops, hotels and museums, MERCANVEE participates in this fair again, bringing more comprehensive light experience and solutions to more retail customers.
Brand-new Ferrari GTC4Lusso Presents in Beijing's Auto Show

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In the automobile world, turbocharge technique makes SAAB be remembered; L6 engine makes BMW proud; quattro makes Audi shine; limousine makes people think of Rolls-Royce; SUV makes people think of Land-Rover; F1 makes people think of Ferrari. If a color could represent a brand, that would be the red Ferrari. If F1 is the best advertisement of Ferrari, then red is the color that can demonstrate the sportsmanship most! There is only one color refering to a automobile brand in the world, that is "Ferrari Red"!
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