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The color temperature in the continuous range of 2700K to 6500K, provides a lot of design and application scope, provides a stage for lighting occasions, meeting the needs of lighting applications under consideration, and enhancing the visual enjoyment of product colors. Optional solutions (Ra> 80 , Ra> 90, Ra> 97).
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Lighting solutions:

The purpose of commercial lighting is to attract customers and stimulate their purchasing. In commercial lighting, different areas or locations have different requirements for lighting. To satisfy people's needs, commercial lighting should be designed according to the business types,geographical conditions,building modes and display methods.
Hotel can be classified as banquet hotel,business conference hotel, vacation hotel, entertainment hotel and art hotel. But investors make such classification mainly according to different requirements of different cities,areas,surroundings,consumer grougs. Different types of hotels differ in architectural style,decoration style and some function set, but practical functions are almost the same. They are composed of lobby,dining room,guest room,gymnasium,recreation room,leisure area,business center,shopping area,large banquet hall,small banquet hall and multi-function hall. According to investment scale and consumption level,hotel also can be classified as economical chain hotels and first-class hotels. On the one hand,Outstanding illumination design can strengthen the decorative effect,highlight the hotel theme and raise the level of the hotel.On the other hand, it can bring the warm,quiet,comfortable living environment to customers so as to bring larger economic benefit to hotel itself.

With diverse development of the society, nowadays museums have become a multifunctional cultural complex.Museums not only have to satisfy public's appreciation and study, but also need to manifest professional ethics based on universal standard. Therefore, more and more professionists and groups participate in the construction of museums. During that process, illumination design is very important for it determines the light environment and artistic effect of museums. To explore museum illumination is to explore the lighting of showcase, public space, display space, building elevation and landscape. 


Without lighting, the atmosphere of catering will be influenced and customers will lose their appetite. Therefore, lighting of catering space is of great importance. In the stage of reshuffle,it becomes a powerful means for catering services to creat the luminous environment with their own characteristics and to make the surroundings and dishes look better. Only in this way, can the catering businesses maintain and develop.


To the lighting design of furniture shops, lamps are no longer just for lighting. They should also be technical,artistic,practical and skillful. Creating a comfortable lighting environment is very important.

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