Explores the Asian most specialized light experience core

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Explores the Asian most specialized light experience core

2016-11-14 MERCANVEE Luxuriant domain illumination

Since the MERCANVEE light experience core and teaching base unveiling, has welcomed the numerous colleague little friends, the owner, the designer and so on has paid a visit; What technology has to be possible to be known as Asia most specialized? What simultaneously also has to be able to attract everybody highlight in this place? Allows us to introduce simply this light experience core's some small conditions, in the article are certainly impossible to elaborate too carefully, otherwise has not had the scene experience pleasure and the necessity.

First, the South China Sea according to cooperates the authorization to license "the South China Sea Illumination Profession Light Experience Core And Teaching Base"

This kind of great honor is not everybody may have, south the marine trader according to more than 20 years ago already was the nation commercial lighting most active production area, has formed certain technical superiority and the production and marketing coordinated process resources superiority; In the LED new photo source arrival, south the marine trader can again soar according to the anticipation!

Enters the gate, the front surface is on November 7, 2016 "MERCANVEE Light Experience Core Opens the registration wall which Japan And Hotel And Retail trade Illumination Tendency Forum" saves, here recorded subdivided the market as well as the global photo source chip and the intelligent industry most has the component enterprise big ka signatures;

Can hold an entirely new forum, is also this one time can invite the profession little friend discussion specialized circle of illumination only temporarily the construction and the development grand meeting, is MERCANVEE being honored with arrogant, has manifested the profession Gao Guanmen mind, the bearing, the share spirit and the innovative spirit, because of everybody sincere and to illumination deep love, only then facilitated this forum to convene smoothly;

Before entering the experience area, you will detect that MERCANVEE for the teaching base's landing need, had already provided 5 different functions and the lighting effects training labs, the conference room and the reception room;

Since is the teaching base, each kind of reception place must prepare fully!

Enters an experience core threshold to buddhism ladder area

LOGO throws the shadow lantern is small fresh, ha ~

The MERCANVEE light experience core is located in three buildings, before going upstairs, you will see each kind of model project; From the automobile exhibition hall, the museum, the hotel, the office building, the retail trade shop and so on have everything expected to find ......

Regarding the purple light fairy maiden, most hopes, saw likes Lang Jia the seven colors of the spectrum pink clouds getting married her; But the MERCANVEE exhibition hall will have prepared seven color lights for you, can walk on the rainbow rug carries on the light experience and watching pleasant, this will be a time how unforgettable experience!

This kind of feeling, you have experienced?

Filters the color which the mirror produces? Is the colored chip? Is RGB mixes the light? Has been naturally clear to you.

What? The previous time has not seen? Perhaps Lao Li must hide a privacy? Ha ~ is rushing a job forces without enough time.

Enters the experience core, the front surface is the photo source historical development, with you related that a section surmounts hundred year illumination story; At the same time, how do the RGB three primary colors mix the color to teach you the white light are produce.

Among red, green, the blue tricolor facula interlocks, whether careful you already did see the white light the existence?

Good! It is not obvious? Insufficiently white?

Was the big on international major suit light has demonstrated:

TRIDONIC was everybody has brought the most new generation gold halogen light color LED/COB photo source

CITIZEN is everybody brings 6th generation of Gao GuangxiaoLED/COB photo source

LUMINUS is the more newest special outstanding beauty light color which everybody brings, for innovation

CREE brings the ceramic foundation plate's entire series COB photo source for everybody, satisfies serious needs


Understood photo source chip general background, lets us continue to understand at present the conventional each kind of accent light system and the actuation plan

The intelligent special area presents the silicon-controlled rectifier before you to cut with latter cuts adjusts the light, the 1-10V number tones light, DMX512 adjusts the light, wireless accent light, as well asTRIDONIC sharp provides global leading DALI to adjust the light system and the DALITEK Bunge's hotel intelligent system high. This does not talk clearly really, good difficult to introduce, must the scene experience feeling ......

Innovations and intelligent technology and so on after photo source actuation, lets us clear enter the light principle, the optical design as well as controls the light original link.

How many circle circle wants to hang to send us the little friend? , The facula effect area main introduction facula's image formation, the effect requirement and the contrast gradient, the light pass and so on important index, does not bring a point careless.

Then has controls the light special area, the facula tangent area, the facula effect area as well as washes the wall special area:

What ghost is this? Good! Slightly arranged also starts not to be able to understand ......

Asked the technical personnel, it is said this is exposed to light sees lamp's highest boundary, controls the light technology special area.

The light gentle sprinkles down, does not bring the stiff facula tangent, any has not dazzled, at smallpox did not look turns on a light catches up with the foot ......This was right. The brand-new hotel lamps and lanterns, the soft light, against dizzy, black light and so on controls the light technology complete main point to approve!

Sculpture model district

When photograph the slight conditions light influence, the picture a little gets up the color, but looks clearly; Shines again from the crown to the both sides to the base, from a lamp to four lamps, understands with lamp's your does decides, must look for the luminescent spot!

Cosmetics special area:

Crown smallpox shoots the lamp, the crown may adjust shoots the lamp, the crown surface illumination, the base surface illumination, the crown side illumination ......

Can do well the effect, no matter where shines, with any lamps and lanterns design, implements the best function demand and the visual effect plan, is best!

Nuptial dress special outstanding beauty exhibition region:

This everybody has seen, uses the special outstanding beauty point to present white whiter, red is redder, ordinary everybody saw many were not instead good said that if you have not understood, bright Minna Si special outstanding beauty explained for you, ha ~

Display window exhibition region:

Using the RGBW branch sharp chip, presents for you dazzles the color the display window vision feeling, the separable time interval, the season, the holiday, the shop celebrate, night vision marking ......Brings the dissimilar focal point feeling and the brand propagation strength.

Ha fills! Display window many lamps! Right, each kind of function!

Obviously refers to the contrast area:

Divides the groups of color temperatures and obviously refers to the effect experience, this has been Ra80 and 97 contrasts, the difference suffices in a big way?

The most serious pound has come, the MERCANVEE initiative future's retail trade illumination industry condition, the color, will the vision, how manage well integrate the illumination, more actual will be the owner brings the shop the attention, the brand vision attention, will obtain from the management stratification plane, to bring the dissimilar light value, the more content scenes will explain exhaustively:

Understood the lighting techniques the little friend to be very clear, this was on the spot the solid racket color temperature change

Spring, summer, fall, winter? Morning, noon and evening? The different color temperature, the dissimilar feeling, the scene only then may have a more direct feeling!

Adds one to have dazzles the color rhythm light T, but also your most attracts the eyeball and the highlight Xiu field, this moment, the entire strip street or the entire market, your shop has become the focal point ......

Ceramic exhibition region:

From the incandescent lamp to the fluorescent lamp, from Jin Ludeng to the LED lamps and lanterns, the entire profession in intertwines the ceramic enterprise's exhibition hall and the shop presents the reflection on the big sloping plate to dazzle, but this time, MERCANVEE was you have solved the problem which the reflection dazzled.

Museum exhibition region:

Highlight, focal variation, uniformity, accent light, accent color temperature ......Various stratification planes explain the museum illumination essential essential factor for you. Brand-new museum lamps and lanterns, more specialized, the change grasps the light check.

Business excess birth fresh area:

The picture quality has a difference, the most suitable light to use in the place which most needs, special outstanding beauty obviously refers to Ra67 to win the normal color to select Ra97, but normal color may also in turn defeat a special outstanding beauty plan, the specialized application, lies to the light color and the chip technology profound explanation, you must arrive personally can feel.

Bar area:

Finally, DMX512 dazzles the color intelligence illumination,For you an illusion bar illumination plan!

Also has plans and so on jewelry exhibition region, furniture exhibition region, hotel exhibition region has not been able 11 to introduce that welcome to make an appointment the light teaching use and the light exchange event!

The wish understood that the more illumination informations, please pay attention to us.

MERCANVEE by the science innovation's manner, will conserve energy, elements and so on color, optics, esthetics, architecture, history, humanities, management, conditions, physics, psychology, physiology, life integrates the illumination science, for the plan design, the architectural design and the indoor design provides more outstanding and the responsible illumination product and optics solution.

We deeply love this bright enterprise, we respect the light the physical shape, our depth excavation optics' application identity and the principle, integrate Yu Ren and the nature, the architecture and the conditions, visual and the ecology harmonious feeling; We will conserve energy the environmental protection always to pass through in the enterprise most core value requirement, by optics research, controls the light technology and the light visual management takes enterprise's development direction, for the health, the environmental protection, the energy conservation, the safety and so on explores and the pursue unceasingly ......

MERCANVEE, hotel dining, museum, retail trade space light service provider!

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