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Committed to accurate lighting control, we design our own optics and keep trying to improve our technology so that  we can help to build a healthier, more eco-friendly and safer society.

Optical module
Cooperating with the world-class light design companies, adopting advanced light design system, we successfully develop high-quality optical module with accurate light distribution, even light and natural halo.
MERCANVEE always try to fuse elements like energy-saving, chromatology, optics, aesthetics, architecture, history, humanities, commerce, environment, physics, psychology, physiology, life, etc. into the lighting science.
Product recommendation

Favor Series

48V low Voltage Magnetic 4 wire track system, providing safer and stronger structure.

Magnificent Series

Professional optics design with accurate lighting distribution and excellent anti-glare effect.

Delicacy Series

Mini spot lights for hotels, offices showcases and homes. Various beam angle options.

Chic Series

Mini downlights with various beam angle options. Multiple heads modules available.

Smart Series

High efficiency commercial spot lights with multiple sizes and tiltable structure.

Phantom Series

High performance commericial track lights with evenly distributed spot.

Kittyhawk Series

Mercanvee's original design in 2011, first independent R&D series after the company was founded.

Tomahawk Series

Optical technology: professional optical design, with light accurate, the chip using the lens to collect light in the point-like emission to the reflector, the reflector with 1090/1098 high reflective aluminum by vacuum plating.

Dipper Series

Economic hallway downlights with beam angles from 40 to 60 degrees.

Bright Series

Tiltable and not tiltable downlights for aisles and hallways.

Experience Center 2016 Experience center
Clothing Retail

Wireless dimming system providing brightness control and CCT control.

Sport Brand Retail
Combination of wide and narrow beam angle effects.

Museum Showcase
Evenly spreaded lighting that avoids reflection on the showcases' glass.

Food Comparision
See effects of different CRI and find the most appropriate chips for your clients.

Cosmetic Retail
Effects comparision of same luminaries but different installationi.

Spot Display
Naturally distributed from the center to the edge, without harsh line on the outside or color shifting. 

Supplier Display
Products display of our main suppliers such as Citizen, Tridonic, CREE and Luminus.

Dimming System
Demonstration of different dimming systems including 0-10V, TRIAC, DALI, DMX512 etc.

Jewelry Retail And Artifacts
Light up your showcases with Quintessence mini stand and spot lights.
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